Management Strategy

Group Ethics Standards

1. Focus on Customers

We promise to value our customers' opinions and strive to provide high-quality products and services that satisfy our customers. We promise to put ourselves in our customers' place and strive to respond impartially and sincerely.

2. Compliance with Laws & Ordinances, Company Regulations & Social Rules

  1. (1) We do not engage in behavior that violates laws and ordinances and promise to follow all laws and regulations. Employment regulations established by the company and other internal rules must be understood correctly. Business must be conducted in compliance with such regulations.
  2. (2) The recording and reporting of any business information must be carried out accurately and honestly based on fact. False and fictional statements must never be given.
  3. (3) Personal information (individuals' addresses, etc.) must never be leaked outside the company or used for any purpose other than carrying out work operations. Personal information must be properly handled and securely managed.
  4. (4) Information related to the company's business and other company secrets acquired in the course of work must never be leaked outside the company. We promise not to involve ourselves in any insider trading, which is an unfair securities transaction carried out using internal information.
  5. (5) Intellectual property rights and portrait rights including trademarks of third parties must not be infringed. Unauthorized usage of copyrighted or otherwise protected software is also prohibited.
  6. (6) Abstain from any and all associations with organized crime and other anti-social forces that threaten the order and safety of civil society, and handle interactions with such groups with a firm resolve.

3. Respect for Human Rights and Favorable Office Environment

  1. (1) We promise to strive to create a good working environment for all employees’ occupational safety and health. We promise not to disrupt the working environment by engaging in activities which have an adverse effect on it.
  2. (2) We promise to respect the human rights and personality of every individual. We do not allow acts of discrimination based on race, gender, educational background, age, physical disability or any other factors.
  3. (3) We promise to never cause any discomfort or disadvantage to others or damage to the working atmosphere through any acts of sexual harassment or abuse of a position of power.

4. Impartial Business Activities with Transparent Fairness

  1. (1) All business transactions must be equal, fair and open to all related parties including suppliers and partner companies. We promise not to give or accept any gift, entertainment, or other benefits beyond what is commonly accepted as reasonable.
  2. (2) It is prohibited to make use of company goods and assets for personal purposes or act on personal interests in the course of business activities.