Management Strategy

Internal Control

Basic philosophy and system

We are further reinforcing our internal control system, based on the acknowledgment that it is an important responsibility of management to build and manage such a system that ensures business execution in compliance with laws and regulations.

Specific policies and status

Compliance with laws, regulations and business ethics

We have established Corporate Ethics Standards for all directors and employees to ensure compliance in business execution with laws and our corporate charter, so that accountability to society and corporate ethics are met. At the end of each fiscal year, directors sign declarations that they have met their obligations of prudence and good faith in business execution that complies with laws and regulations, and submit them to the Board of Corporate Auditors. These declarations then become business execution policy for the board members to follow for the next fiscal year. Also, all directors and employees are required to inform the person in charge or a corporate auditor of any known or suspected violation of rules and regulations or improper behavior.

Ensuring trustworthiness in financial reporting

We have worked, well in advance, to take the appropriate measures to correspond with the application of the internal control reporting system to ensure "trustworthiness in financial reporting," as stipulated under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law. The effectiveness of internal control was evaluated through company-wide internal control and business process assessments. As a result, we judged the Internal Control Over Financial Reporting of our company group to be effective.


Partner Hotline

We have set up a “Partner Hotline” to ensure that we deal with all of our partners fairly.
If you feel that any of our executives or employees has engaged in conduct that is illegal, dishonest or unethical in any way, please contact us via the details below.

  • * Please provide the name of your company and your own name.
  • * If you wish to remain anonymous, please be aware that we may be unable to contact you with regard to matters such as the results of our investigations and preventive measures.
  • * We will take every care to preserve the anonymity of those providing information, and to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in any way as a result.