Management Strategy

Group Sourcing Policy

In the global development of its multi-brand strategy, Adastria Group believes it is vital to continue seeking change and challenge based on a foundation of good relationships with its business partners.

We shall carry out sourcing activities based on fair and ethical transactions while fulfilling our social responsibilities in order to become a company needed by society that offers quality products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers.

1. Compliance with laws and rules of society

  • We shall comply with the purchasing and procurement laws of each country, and act in a socially conscious manner.
  • We shall safeguard information on business partners that we obtain during the course of business as confidential information. Furthermore, we shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights or portrait rights of third parties.
  • We shall not exercise a superior position over our business partners and receive or offer gifts, entertainment or benefits that surpass social norms.

2. Ethical and responsible sourcing to increase our corporate value

  • We shall fulfill our social responsibility by confirming that compliance, human rights, a safe working environment and environmental conservation are considered for all sourcing transactions.

3. Building a good relationship with our business partners

  • We shall respect all our business partners, and build up long-term relationships that encourage development on both sides based on the principle of equal partnerships.
  • We shall select our business partners in a fair and ethical manner, while taking into comprehensive consideration their price, supply capacity, quality, delivery time, technical skill, environmental conservation, and approach to human rights and workplace environment issues.

4. Bringing results through mutual interaction

  • We shall promote socially responsible sourcing by implementing monitoring with the cooperation of our business partners, and strive for continuous, mutual improvement with our partners.

Group Sourcing Guidelines [315KB]