Stakeholder Engagement

In order to realize our philosophy of "Be a company needed," we focus on listening to the expectations and demands of society and continuously reviewing our business activities. We cooperate with a variety of external organizations to solve issues in the fashion industry.

<Cooperate with external organizations>
Adastria is a member of the following organizations.

Women’s Empowerment in Fashion
Time of joining:July,2014
Established to promote the empowerment of women in the fashion industry in Japan. By empowering women to take initiative in their careers (lives), we intend to increase the number of women leaders in major positions, support their personal growth and success, and create role models for the growth and development of companies and industries.

Main Activities:Organize public symposiums and seminars with role models, information exchange and sharing of advanced case studies by managers responsible for promoting the activities of women in member companies, the latest fashion business training, etc.

The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain
Time of joining:September,2020

Time of joining:August,2021
Established with Japanese textile companies, retailers and recyclers to encourage the transition to a sustainable fashion industry. By grasping the impact of the fashion industry on the natural environment and society, we work together to find solutions to common issues in the fashion and textile industries, with the goal of achieving "zero fashion loss through the right product, right purchasing, and recycling" and "carbon neutrality by 2050".

Main Activities:Sharing expertise on sustainable fashion, Cooperate to achieve goals, Advance grasping of important domestic and international trends, Policy recommendations to improve common issues in the fashion industry, etc.