About Us

Multi Brand

Customers choose from among the available options, and select the items that best reflect their uniqueness and individuality. The Adastria Group maintains a portfolio of diverse brands to suit each customer’s changing preferences and lifestyle.

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Multi Category

In addition to apparel, we offer fashion items and services for the diverse lifestyles of each and every customer in a variety of categories surrounding daily life. Expanding the product line to include sundries and furniture will lead to more opportunities to open new stores, and increasing store floor space will help increase the allure of our stores. In addition, we are maximizing the lifetime value of our customers by expanding the range of moments in their lives where our products can be used.

Value Chain

A strength of our company is our system to carry out everything from brand development and product planning to production, logistics and sales within the group. We quickly incorporate store information and customer feedback in our product development and services by integrating all the processes in a system, while we create differentiated high-quality products.

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DX Strategy

Digitally Enhance Adastria’s Identity and Achieve DX