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Company Name Adastria Co., Ltd.
Company Headquarters 27th Floor, Shibuya Hikarie,
2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded October 22, 1953
Capital ¥2,660 million
Number of shares issued 48,800 thousands
Consolidated net sales ¥275,596 million *1
Business activities Planning, producing, and retailing clothes and sundry goods
Number of employees 6,603 full-time employees *2
Number of stores Domestic 1,370 / Overseas 122 *1
Number of domestic distribution centers: 8
Number of overseas production bases: 6 *2
Group companies BUZZWIT Co.,Ltd.
Adastria Asia Co., Ltd.
Adastria (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
niko and ... (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Adastria Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Adastria (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Adastria USA, Inc.
Velvet, LLC
Adastria Logistics Co., Ltd.
Adastria General Support Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and Chairman
Representative Director and President
Senior Managing Director
Senior Managing Director
Outside Director
Outside Director
Outside Director
Outside Director
(Standing Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)
Outside Director 
(Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)
Outside Director 
(Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)
Michio Fukuda
Osamu Kimura
Yoshiaki Kitamura
Taiki Fukuda
Hiromi Horie *3
Koichi Mizutome *3
Tatsuhiro Matsuoka *3
Kazuo Nishiyama *3

Yoichi Endo

Kazuhiko Ebihara *3

Kyoko Mogi *3

  1. FY2024/02
  2. As of the end of February 2024, Consolidated group companies
  3. Among the above directors, Hiromi Horie, Koichi Mizutome, Tatsuhiro Matsuoka.Kazuo Nishiyama.Kazuhiko Ebihara and Kyoko Mogi are outside directors as defined by Article 2, paragraph 15 of the Companies Act.



October 1953 Established Fukudaya Clothes Store Inc. in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture; began retail sales of men’s clothing.
March 1973 Advancement into men's casual wear retailing
September 1982 Started developing "POINT", the predecessor of "RAGEBLUE".
June 1988 Established BEAR'S FACTORY Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Pogic Co., Ltd., to strengthen product planning and overseas procurement.
March 1992 Started developing "LOWRYS FARM"; moved into retail sales of ladies casual wear.
March 1993 Changed company name to POINT INC.
September 1994 Started developing "THE WORKS", the predecessor of "GLOBAL WORK".
March 1998 Outsourced distribution operations to Pogic Co., Ltd.
September 1999 Started developing "NINE BLOCKS" as an outlet format.


December 2000 Registered company’s stock with Japan Securities Dealers Association.
March 2001 Started developing "HARE" and "Heather".
March 2002 Started developing "JEANASIS".
December 2002 Listed company’s stock on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
March 2003 Opened the first store in Taiwan.
February 2004 Listed company's stock on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
February 2006 Started developing "apart by lowrys".
June 2006 Started developing "LEPSIM LOWRYS FARM".
October 2007 Started e-commerce business on own corporate website.
January 2008 Converted POINT HOLDING CO., LTD., the predecessor of Adastria Asia Co., Ltd., into a subsidiary to establish a merchandise sales business overseas.
March 2008 Opened the first store in Hong Kong.


October 2010 Opened the first store in  mainland China.
March 2011 Started developing "repipi armario".
December 2011 Started developing "LOWRYS FARM +", the predecessor of "mikoa LOWRYS FARM".
August 2012 Started developing "Me%".
September 2012 Started developing "BLISS POINT".
October 2012 Completely revamped own e-commerce site and started membership-based point service.
November 2012 Converted Trinity INC, the predecessor of BABYLONE INC., into a subsidiary via share acquisition. Added "BABYLONE" and "Salon de la Trinite" as new brands for development.
June 2013 Converted NATURAL NINE HOLDINGS CO., LTD., the predecessor of NATURAL NINE CO., LTD., into a subsidiary via stock exchange.
September 2013 Moved to a holding company structure, changing name to Adastria Holdings Co., Ltd. as the holding company, following corporate separation. Converted TRINITY ARTS INC. into a subsidiary via stock exchange. Added "niko and …", "studio CLIP", "BARNYARDSTORM", and "Andemiu" as new brands for development.
December 2013 Opened the first store in Singapore. Established Adastria General Support Co., Ltd.
February 2014 Merged Pogic Co., Ltd. and NATURAL NINE CO., LTD. Changed company name to N9&PG Co., Ltd.
March 2014 Started developing "BAYFLOW".
May 2014 Adastria General Support Co., Ltd. officially recognized as a special subsidiary under Japan’s "Act on Employment Promotion etc. of Persons with Disabilities."
November 2014 Revamped own e-commerce site. Changed name to [.st] (dot es-tee).
February 2015 Withdrew from Singapore business.
March 2015 Merged Adastria Holdings Co., Ltd. with POINT INC. and TRINITY ARTS INC.
June 2015 Changed company name to Adastria Co., Ltd.
September 2015 Adastria Co., Ltd. assumes operations related to planning and manufacturing of apparel managed by N9&PG; company name of N9&PG changed to Adastria Logistics Co., Ltd.
February 2017 Incorporated ALICIA Co.,Ltd as a group company.
March 2017 Founded ELEMENT RULE Co., Ltd.
April 2017 Founded Adastria USA, Inc.
October 2017 Founded ADASTRIA eat Creations.
August 2018 Changed company name to BUZZWIT Co., Ltd. from ALICIA Co., Ltd.
December 2019 Registered members of official online store ".st" exceeded 10 million.


November 2020 Founded ADOORLINK Co., Ltd.
February 2022 Zetton Inc. joined the Corporate Group
April 2022 Moved to the Prime Market following the TSE market classification review
May 2022 Established Gate Win Co., Ltd