Stakeholder Engagement

In order to be an "indispensable company," we place importance on listening to the expectations and demands of society and continuously reviewing our business activities. We work with various external organizations to resolve issues unique to the fashion industry.

<Cooperation with External Organizations>
The organizations of which Adaglia is a member are as follows

Japan Sustainable Fashion Alliance

Date of accession: August 2021
The Fashion Industry Association was established with textile companies, retailers, and recyclers in Japan with the aim of promoting the transition to a sustainable fashion industry. The goal is to understand the impact of the fashion industry on the natural environment and society, and to jointly develop solutions to common issues in the fashion and textile industry.

Main activities: Sharing knowledge on sustainable fashion, collaborating on goals, identifying important domestic and international trends ahead of time, and proposing policies to improve common issues in the industry, etc.

Women’s Empowerment in Fashion

Joined: July 2014
Established to promote the empowerment of women in fashion-related industries in Japan. By fostering the power for women to live their careers (life) with independence, we aim to increase the number of female leaders in key positions, help individuals grow and succeed, and create role models for corporate and industry growth and development.

Main activities: Public symposiums and seminars by role models, information exchange and sharing of advanced cases by those in charge of promoting women's activities in member companies, training on the latest fashion business, etc.