Our Sustainability

As society changes dramatically in recent years, we are reaching the changing time. Customer behavior and values are changing drastically, and everything has become borderless by information society. We believe that companies with sustainable management and high transparency will be supported.

The point of sustainable management is the solution of social issues. For example, various issues of fashion industry such as discarding unsold goods, and human rights issues in the production process. Although it seems to be difficult to resolve these problems, facing challenges in front of us would connect to its resolution. In order to resolve the disposal of unsold goods, it is necessary to review the manufacturing method and disposal method. In order to protect human rights in the production process, it is necessary to cooperate with the region and the labor union. We strengthen links between internal and external parties and keep searching for improving solutions.

We have set the following three key Sustainability themes.

1.Protect the environment
2.Make people shine
3.Grow with communities

We determined the social issues that should be addressed in each theme and set the Sustainability Activity policy. The social issues we need to address are in the context of SDGs, which are global sustainability themes.

We believe that fashion has the power to make people's lives rich, happy and change the world. We aim to be a company can resolve social issues through our business.

Protect the environment

Make people shine

Grow with communities


Key Sustainability themes The Sustainability Activity policy SDGs
Protect the environment We try to reduce the environmental impact of the entire value 
chain and operate business activities with sustainability in mind.
Make people shine We promote to create an inclusive work environment for our 
diverse employees to enjoy fashion and life. We also aim to 
provide stores, products and services that satisfy diverse customers.
Grow with communities We strive to create innovation in the region and resolve local 
problems, as a result, strengthen our business.

Stakeholder Engagement