Make people shine

Our relationships to employees, suppliers and customers are very important, in order for a company to grow continuously. We promote to create an inclusive work environment for our diverse employees to enjoy fashion and life. We also aim to provide stores, products and services that satisfy diverse customers.

Equality and Diversity for our employees

We emphasize respecting and understanding diverse personalities regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and disability.

Work – Life Balance

We encourage employees to take seasonal leave and refresh leave, and provide the environment that employees can choose how to work according to the change of life stage.


We recognize same-sex partners as spouses and ensure that there is no inequality due to gender identity or sexual orientation. We were awarded a silver prize of “Work with PRIDE”, an award given to companies promoting LGBT initiatives in Japanese organizations.


To expand the employment for people with disabilities, we established a subsidiary company, Adastria General Support Co., Ltd. In order to create a comfortable work environment for all employees, we use dialog support equipment at meetings and enhance physical and mental care from industrial physicians. Our employment of people with disabilities rate is 2.54% in February 2019.

Promote health management

By promoting health management, we aim to further improve the environment in which employees can work comfortably and safely, and contribute to the wellbeing of not only our employees but also their families, customers, shareholders, business partners, and society as a whole through our business.

Reform work styles of employees working in stores

In collaboration with Shin-Shizuoka Cenova, we have launched the “Mutual Support for Working Hours Project” to review the business hours of commercial facilities from the perspective of both tenants and developers, with the aim of realizing sustainable working styles for store staff working in commercial facilities. Through the project, we are proposing sustainable work styles to the industry as a whole and promoting our own work style reforms to improve the attractiveness of our sales staff and to help solve labor shortages.

Protect for human rights

Our suppliers must comply with our own procurement policy and guidelines in consideration of human rights and environment. We are proceeding with the conclusion of the pledge. So far, we have signed a pledge with 589 of 841 companies. We also audit factories (tier 1 suppliers) in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. from 2017.

Work experience program

To cultivate young talents in fashion industry, we provide work experience programs for students of elementary school, junior high school and high school. In 2018, we held 39 programs in Japan. We want the children who participated in our programs to learn the importance of thinking about others through customer service and styling advice.