studio CLIP

Less a place you go out of your way to visit
Than one you pop into on your usual route.
A place to step away from the bustle for a moment
And delight the little girl inside you.
Or a place to enjoy the happy problem of
Deciding what to give to someone special.
That’s the kind of place Studio Clip wants to be.
Why? Because although we believe special occasions
That happen once a year are important, too,
Having special moments in the midst of the everyday
Means more time for women to smile.

Every Day, Along the Way.
studio CLIP

Brand information

Target Women from 30s to 40s
Price zone Middle moderate
Store locations Shopping centers, fashion-business malls and department stores
Standard store floor space 132m² to 330m²
Number of domestic stores 184 (as of end of February 2022)
Number of overseas stores 2 (as of end of December 2021)